Brand: Eminence Labs Reference: 517 Availability: In stock Packing: 100mg/amp. (10 amps) Substance: drostanolone propionate


Generally called Masteron, Masteron 100 is the most widely used steroid for cutting phases of the training cycle. Being slightly anabolic, but strong androgenic, Masteron will give a pronounced amount of muscle definition and hardness. Masteron is a very good choice for athletes who are sensitive to estrogen side effects, because Masteron 100 is a powerful estrogen blocker, and also binds very strongly to SHBG. This property of Masteron really help great other steroids that are used simultaneously to connect to their receptors, thus it will make their stack in the body more efficient. These properties are also possessed by Proviron (Mesterolone), the oral form of Masteron 100. Bodybuilders and athletes who want to include Masteron in their cycle might choose to stack it with other injectable steroids like Testosterone Propionate or Trenbolone, adding a steroid orally as Halotestin and Winstrol, to produce a more accentuated amount of muscle definition and hardness leading to competition. Being a strong androgenic steroid, Masteron will produce various androgenic side effects like oily skin and increased libido level. Female bodybuilders avoid the use of Masteron, due to the strong androgenic property of Masteron 100, but many professional athletes often use it anyway, as Masteron is very effective compound for pre-competition. Men's average dose: 300-600mg/week Women's average dose: 100-300mg/week


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